Offensive Battlegrounds

Offensive Battlegrounds

  1. In Offensive Battlegrounds(BGs) Balur's duty is Defend the Catacombs, Orcish Altar, Orc Encampment, etc
  2. Choose one of the Offensive Battlegrounds from Eagle's Nest.
  3. Send 15 Pike-man or Wraith to the Offensive Battlegrounds.
  4. Get the Grant Marshal Report and fill the below column with what you killed.

Balur Defense units

Marennon Orc Orcish Raider Ogre
Balur's defense

Best unit for attacking Offense bgs is  unit.



  1. Balur defense is which unit you sending . If I send Bestiary attack to BGs, which means it kill 860260 offense OR Infantry I send it kills 403740 OR cavalry 525700 OR Occult 434260.
  2. Above attack I used occult so my loss is 43260 offense .